Episode 2

Back with a new episode the guys jump right into looking at the current story lines in the WWE.  How is the Brock and Cena feud stacking up?  Is the Bella/McMahon story really that boring?  And where do the Wyatts, Reigns, Jericho and Orton go?

Plus something is itching at the guys and they feel the need to riff a little bit.  Here’s a hint, it’s about Roman Reigns.

Then a new segment is introduced called “Legal in Wrestling?”  They take a look at some of the more outrageous moments in wrestling that in normal society would probably have someone end up in jail.  Look for this to be a semi-regular segment.

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Author: Mike

Human. Podcaster. Drinker of boozes. Gamer. Part time Illuminati.

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